Why Meyer


Serving in the sector for more than 100 years; a customer relationship, not only in the sales process, but also after the sales for decades.


The company that employs the biggest number of software developers and software support personnel in the sector. Possibility to develop demand-specific and industry-specific modules, software training or quick intervention via call center in case of problems.


With the R&D and testing center within Meyer; the newest hardware is tested, and the industry's best quality and newest hardware technologies for the preferred sector are created.


By closely following the rapidly developing technology and by testing the compatibility of new technologies with our country's conditions, we are struggling to find solutions that will make our customers' job easier.


Fast and solution-oriented support concept with the biggest number of technical and software support and online call center in the sector.


Sektörde en fazla referansa sahip olmanın sağladığı tecrübe ile kazanılan bilgi birikimi, uzun yıllardır firmamızda istihdam edilen konusunda uzman, teknik bilgi birikimine sahip kadrosuyla proje ajamasından destek aşamasına kadar net çözümler.


Software that is updated fast according to changing laws and is constantly updated in terms of technology.


Instead of package solutions, software specific to your business and additional modules specific to your industry.

You can get free consultancy for all our solutions.