Turnstile Systems for Security


Tripod Turnstiles

Bel Turnike Resim Bir
Bel Turnikesi Resim iki
Bel Turnikesi Resim üç

Full Height Turnstiles And Security Gate

Boy Turnike Sistemleri
Boy Turnike Sistemi Resim
Boy Turnike Sistemi Resim üç

VIP Speed Gate Turnstiles

IP Kamera ve Trafik Kamera Sistemi
Suprema BioStation
Meyer anahtar takip sistemi

With fingerprint recognition, face recognition, card access systems; Meyer offers project-specific integrated turnstile solutions.

Fingerprint Turnstiles : Suprema Fingerprint reading devices are delivered integrated with the turnstile. Fingerprint is defined through Personnel Attendance Control System, Access Control or Visitor Program in advance, fingerprint is scanned and turnstile access is provided.

Face Recognition Turnstiles : 
Turnstiles integrated with the face recognition device allow turnstile access by scanning the faces of users, whose faces were previously identified to the program and who have an access permit, at an appropriate distance.

Card access turnstiles :  The card readers that work with proximity, that can use Personnel Card types such as HID, Mifare, Uhf and Smart card are integrated on the turnstile; and access is allowed only when the card is read. It is especially suitable for use in visitor registration and access control in companies or organizations.
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