Watchman Tour Control

How Does Guard Tour Control Watch Work?

Keys are placed at the points that need to be checked on the tour route of the guard. When the guard comes to these control points; as soon as she/he places the stable keys to the watch, the time of placement of the key will be written on the report of the watch. It can easily be understood from the paper strip which point was checked when, and which points were skipped.

Do you want to make sure that your guard does not sleep at night and checks patrol areas just in time with Meyer Guard Watch?

With the Meyer - Isgus Brand Guard control watches, you can get reports whether your security guard has properly patrolled in daily, weekly or monthly ways.

The Pen Battery powered device is 100% safe against break open and being replaced by the security guard, and is under Meyer Warranty.
It is the first device brought to our country in this field, it is used in many large institutions and factories.

Just like the security guards being replaced by the guards over time, security tour control devices replaced the guard watches. It offers a sophisticated solution with the reports taken completely in electronic environment.

New Product Guard Patrol Control System

Meyer has developed high-technology Guard Control Devices, which are more useful in Guard and Security patrol control, which have more reporting options, and which allow live tracking.

Device support and warranty on guard watch continues, however, Security Tour Control devices are recommended considering the requirements of our era and the customer needs. For information regarding the new generation safety tour controllers, please see the page below.

New Product: Get More Information Regarding Security Patrol Control Pen

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