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Video Recording Systems

As Meyer, we prefer to supply the most suitable solution to our customers from the wide range of products in the sector and to supply products from the leading and highest quality manufacturers.

Server (Server) Video Recording Systems

Increased multi-client support, raid disk system and high capacity memory size tailored to customer needs.

Nas Units

It is a storage unit that can be connected to the network. Can be used by networked systems. When long-term recording is desired in camera systems, when the Server or NVR exceeds the maximum disk requirement, they are the hardware we can connect to the main machine.

NVR (Network Video Recorder)

It is a recording unit based on Linux operating system, which has the same logic as the server with VMS (Camera Imaging Software), and the images of the cameras are recorded over the network. NAS can be installed to expand the hard disk capacity like a server. With RAID structures, records can be secured and important images can be stored even in crash situations.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

These are computer based recording devices where analog cameras are connected via coaxial cable (TV cable). Likewise, it has hard disk slots like NVR and servers. Both video recording and security camera images can be monitored from these devices. The number of cameras connected according to the number of channels on the DVR may differ. Although there are DVR options that can record IP-based cameras, it is not a reason for preference. It can be preferred only to reset the probability of an IP attack in places such as military, police, where security is high.

Hybrid DVR

It is a hybrid DVR device that supports analog, IP and HDCVI technology and stores it on the recorder. You can add both IP and analog cameras to the hybrid recorder and enable both DVR and NVR to work simultaneously.

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