RFID Warehouse

With the RFID Warehouse control - monitoring and Inventory counting program developed by Meyer RFID, inventory counting is no longer a process that needs to be repeated due to human errors and causes serious time loss.

Warehouse control and Inventory Counting System is designed in two stages
RFID depo takip sistemi

Warehouse Control System
With RFID antennas placed at warehouse entrances and exits, all products entering and leaving the warehouse are detected with RFID signals. Data regarding the products entering and leaving the warehouse is instantly transferred to inventory programs. If there is no authorized permission for inventory entry or exit, an alarm is given and information is sent to the managers. The program is synchronized with IP security cameras for tracking the process.

Personel kartlı geçiş sistemi
 Inventory Counting System
By means of the RFID hand terminals or the RFID antennas attached to the Drones in the larger warehouses, you can finish the inventory count in a very short time from your seat. With such convenience, you can count the inventories, which are annually counted, much more frequently and ensure your inventory security.

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