Hospital System

Meyer Hospital Automation System

Meyer offers advanced tracking solutions consisting of fingerprint, RFID and Ip Cameras in your hospital. Data from fingerprints, facial recognition devices, staff card readers, turnstiles and RFID tracking devices are processed within the Meyer Hospital program, and automatic reports are provided to hospital management. Meyer Hospital Automation has flexible solutions prepared with many different components.

Parmakizi okuyuculu PDKS
Hospital PDKS System
Doctors, Nurses and Hospital Staff can be taken to work with high security with fingerprint reader and facial recognition devices without causing abuse. In addition, the same system can be used in the hospital dining hall and in the areas of management to private areas.

Hospital Staff Card Pass System
With the staff cards of the hospital staff, the entry and exit of the hours and the related PDKS reporting, progress payments and overtime can be calculated. With the same cards, the entrance and exit of the cafeteria and gate turnstile passes in the hospital can be followed.

Hospital Security Camera System
Meyer provides security camera surveillance and recording services in accordance with the Ministry of Health with its high resolution IP Cameras and NVR system. The leading hospital chains of our country use the Meyer Security Camera System.

Hospital RFID Tracking System
With the help of RFID, Meyer provides the location of the sensitive and material devices in the hospital with the help of labels, where they go in the hospital or where they are transported or to give an alarm if they are removed from the designated areas in the hospital.

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