People Counting

People Counting Systems and People Density Map

It is a system developed to analyze human movements inside and outside the business and to revise the business system with this analysis data in order to increase sales efficiency in the retail sector.

In high resolution cameras used for person counting, person counting software comes embedded. The virtual line is drawn from the program to the viewpoint of the cameras and it starts to count from the moment people cross this line.

The software features Heatmap “person density maps”. In this analysis, reports on sales development can be obtained, such as determining which shelf region in which customers are located, or determining dead areas where the human density is constantly low.

  • Number of people entering and leaving the business
  • Number of people passing by the company "Especially in determining the most dense areas within the shopping mall"
  • Which shelves do visitors go to most?
  • Do visitors show an interest in the products featured?
  • The path visitors follow when entering and leaving the store
  • Total time visitors spend on the aisles
  • At what time of the day, what days of the week, what times of the month are statistically more intense?

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