With nearly 10 years of Biometric person recognition systems experience, current international training and benchmark tests; Meyer A.Ş. illuminates the companies in the Biometric world.

We are proud of the praises we receive on directing the end users. With the advantage of investigating many Biometric projects around the world on-site, our experts determine which Biometric system will be suitable for which company.

System specifications, design, installation, training and post-implementation support are included in the consulting package.


You will invest in RFID, but you are not sure; should it be barcode or RFID? What are the differences ?
Can you really keep track of your fixtures?

What do Proximity, EM, Mifare, Iclass, Icode mean?
How much will our estimated costs in RFID projects be?
Which type of card reader or label would be right for me?

It enlightens companies in the RFID world with current international training and benchmark tests. What are the advantages of RFID? You can get answers to all the questions you have in mind from our experts.

You can get free consultancy for all our solutions.