Replacement of codes, keys, Smart cards, touch less tokens, etc. by biometric technology

ekey TOCAhome
Existing physical access control systems may be upgraded, complemented or replaced through TOCAhome in a convenient way. Keys, passwords or PINs, etc. cannot be lost of forgotten anymore. Apartments, houses, public buildings, high-security-areas, safes, weapon-security-containers, etc. may be individually equipped with TOCAhome.

ekey LOGON
Networks, PCs or notebooks may be secured by biometrics (e.g. Finger scan). Since passwords are not necessary anymore, the convenience for the user increases and cost for system administration drops dramatically. A combination with existing technologies is possible. LOGON will be Microsoft certified and integrated in the Microsoft Active Directory.

ekey WORLDwide
Use biometric authentication through Internet by using the biometric data processing service centre WORLDwide. This central service may be used e.g. for eBanking, ePayment, eTicketing, VPN authorization etc. ekey WORLDwide has been used successfully since 2002

ekey fingerprint

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